Yuppies, After-Office Special

Everyone needs that most awaited break from work, or should I say, break from everything! There will always come a time where you just wanted to forget the city, and go back to that familiar comfort. That comfort you often crave while you’re in the middle of finishing a task. That comfort you always long for ever since you started working. That comfort you chose to let go when you decided to finally leave your beloved university…

Yes, of course, we know the feeling. That’s why me and my college friends, my major-mates in Edcom, always make it sure that we’ll always have that needed dose of comfort whenever we feel like we desperately need it!

Last March 22, in different buses, we found ourselves on our way to Pansol to see each other, and have the first Edcom reunion for the year! That’s the fourth big reunion since we graduated. Not that we don’t see each other often, we actually do, but in small groups. It’s a rare sight to see all of us together! The last time we got together was in July, during our housewarming party.

This time, it’s even more special since our professor, Sir Ed, just came back to the country after months of studying in Thailand!

Of course, the reunion is basically made up of alcohol, the pool, the long queue of reserved songs in the karaoke, the dancing and the singing… But the best thing about the night is the never-ending stories, rants, and heart-to-hearts.

As the night went on, I could hear myself and my friends already shouting out of happiness! There are some who’d say, “I REALLY REALLY NEED THIS!” before taking a shot of tequila. Some would shout, “BEST NIGHT EVER!”



Yeah, hearing those words would make anyone assume that we are definitely stressed out from work! That we really missed our lives before graduation. We can’t deny that. We really are, and we really do.

The morning after! Thanks, Kringy, for these photos!

The morning after! Thanks, Kringy, for these photos!

Based on the conversations I had throughout the night, I’ve seen that we’ve matured in several ways, but there are still some things that remained the same. We’re still friends with our college selves who are just hiding behind our employed alter egos.


About Gillian Cruz

I have a feeling that I am a reincarnated hippie from the '70s.
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