Pi Day 2014, the days after, and my unnecessary sourgraping about my age

Ever since I turned 18, I stopped thinking about how old I am. So whenever someone asks me about my age, they’ll get a long pause first before hearing the right response. You can’t blame me, I’m quite forgetful. And age, it changes every year, and I’m too busy with other things to keep track. Haha. On my most recent birthday celebration, I found myself answering “I dunno, I stopped caring at 18. But, I was born in 1991,” and let the person compute for my age.

Age is irrelevant anyway!

Cheesy as it may sound, but what’s important is how you celebrated your life, and whom you celebrate your birthdays with through the years. You might be celebrating with different people every year, and it’s a great time for appreciating the fact that you’ve lived long enough to meet these wonderful people.

This year, like the previous years, my birthday celebrations were simple…
just how I like them to be.

Celebration Day 1:
Actual Birthday! Office and QC home! (14 March 2014)

Sir JT, my boss ordered two cakes that me and my officemates shared for merienda. I’m so lucky to have a very generous boss! Hihi. Both cakes are from Mary Grace. One of them is perfect for tea, and the other is for coffee. One of the things that I really love about my work is my colleagues love for food! They really know where to get the good ones!

That afternoon, Arbie picked me up at the office, and I’m so happy that he finally got to meet some of my office friends!

IMG_0593 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLater that day, when we got home, I ordered some vegetarian pancit from Mushroom Burger (which is one of my favourite pancits ever) for a little celebration with my housemates, and my dormmates back in college. They slept over at our QC home that night because they have a getaway the next day with my housemate, Butch, who happens to be their friend, too, because we’re sort of like always together. Haha!

Anyway, aside from that I also ordered barbecue, and Candy bought bagnet (oh that glorious bagnet!). They also surprised me with another cake!

IMG_0610 IMG_0650 IMG_0675We ended the night with full tummies, of course!

Celebration Day 2:
Meet-the-Parents Day! (15 March 2014)

The next day, Arbie and I went to my home so he can finally meet my parents! It went well… I guess sooooo. Haha! We brought some food from their resto. We didn’t know that my father also cooked some dinner, so that’s another night with lots of food! Although, Arbie didn’t get to eat that much because my father became his talkative self and won’t stop talking him. They were talking all night to the point that I couldn’t even relate to what they’re talking about!

Anyway, I’m so glad they liked him! 🙂 I mean, why wouldn’t they, right? They should be happy they raised a child with very good standards!  HAHAHAHA

No photos from that night though.

Celebration Day 3:
With the best friend, of course!

We’re not able to meet during my actual birthday because of the demands from her work, but I definitely still have to celebrate my birthday with my best friend, Clang! 🙂 Always. Since Grade 2.

We just had a chill afternoon in our house. Eat the left-over food from the previous night, while watching This Is The End.

Yes. That’s the perfect Clang-Gilly moment.

Celebration Day 4:
Office… Again! (18 March 2014)

In my office circle of friends, two of us are March celebrants. I wasn’t expecting anymore surprise from them since there’s already one during the actual date of my birthday… that’s why I got really surprised when I entered the library and saw the digital birthday banner  on the flat screen, as well as the glorious food from Amber!

It’s a combined birthday celebration for me and Kuya Avel!

IMG_0764My boss also gave us some nuts and two bottles of sparkling water! Isn’t he the best boss ever? He really knows how to treat his staff well!

That’s all from this year’s Pi Day celebrations!

See, who cares about how many times you’ve had your birthday? It doesn’t affect who you are, and who you’re with, and how you enjoy your day! Like what I’ve said, it’s how you celebrate it!

Man, if your age is based on how many times you’ve celebrated your birthday, I’m already many years older than my actual age, because I always get to celebrate it more than once!



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I have a feeling that I am a reincarnated hippie from the '70s.
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