Kapitolyo Samplers

If I can, I will. And last Wednesday, I can. So, when Ani (my good friend and a dormmate back in college) texted me that afternoon to go with her and Ciamae (another friend/dormmate) in Kapitolyo, I didn’t think twice. It was their third time inviting me, and after declining the first two because I can’t due to some family “responsibilities,” and given that I was so free last week, I just couldn’t say no.

Kapitolyo is a food district in Pasig somehow similar to Maginhawa St. in Quezon City. It was just a 15 to 20-minute walk from SM Megamall (Shaw Blvd. side). Since the two of them have been there twice, they already knew the directions perfectly! (I can’t share the directions yet, because I can’t really remember. I won’t reach Kapitolyo from Megamall if you let me walk alone. Haha!)

We decided to have some “breakfast” for dinner when we saw Milky and Sunny and the resto’s very enticing look! There are a lot to choose from in their menu–unli cereals, sausages, sinangag, waffles… come on, just think of Western and Filipino breakfast!

The three of us ordered their Breakfast Platter–you can make your own breakfast combo. One can choose three from the following: bacon, Spam, corned beef, sausage and hotdog. Then, one pastry product: bagel, toast, pancake or waffle. This combo also includes, eggs (sunny side up or scrambled, it’s still up to you) and hash brown.

I had bacon, corned beef, sausage + bagel + scrambled egg + hash brown, all for 270 pesos!

After this heavy “breakfast,” we went to Cab Cafe, which is just a few meters away from Milky and Sunny, to grab some beer. Ani told me that they have Bogs Brew which I’m dying to taste ever since I learned from my friends who visited Bacolod that such product exists! Haha! And man, it tastes gooood!

Primo Bogs!

Primo Bogs!

A couple of 65 peso beer (Cab Cafe price) and a real good conversation with friends plus a slice of cheesecake made my night. Of course, I would go back in Kapitolyo to dine in other restos… but I’m pretty sure I will always end up having a chillax night in Cab Cafe. I mean come on, this is the only place I know in MNL that sells Bogs Brew.

I think I’d be visiting Kapitolyo at least twice a month, yeah?


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I have a feeling that I am a reincarnated hippie from the '70s.
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